I have broken down my art into the following categories:

Interested in purchasing a print of my work? Please inquire about the availability of limited edition giclee prints. The highest degrees of quality are maintained in the printing process and each print bears an original artist signature and unique hand edition.


  1. There are several size formats available.

  2. Not all works of art have been released to print editions; and some which have released for edition may have sold out.

  3. In some cases, "artist proofs" can be made available; these are unique works, that are part of a print edition, but have received further original hand-working by the artist after printing. Artist proofs will bear the mark "AP", signifying their uniqueness from the standard print edition.

In need of a freelance artist? In addition, I do offer freelance services as both a fine artist & illustrator / graphic designer. Should be in the market for any of these areas, please contact me in order to discuss your needs with me.