Giclee Prints

Print editions of Hand-painted, vintage, Early American signs

I have decided to hand-select a small number of my sign reproductions for limited-run fine art print editions of 25 per image.

Print Specs:
• Each print is made on thick stock (heavy weight), high quality paper.
• Print dimensions (overall): 12" x 18"
• Image dimensions: approximately 10" x 14"
• Each print is hand-signed by the artist, numbered according to the edition & dated.

Shipping & Handling:
$5 (1-5 prints)
$10 (5-10 prints)

* Payment interface / method is not set up at this time; Please email me at for ordering instructions. Thank you!

• Within the print gallery, click on each image in order to view the overall print composition. What you see is what you get, in terms of the layout (the image in relation to the surrounding space). Considerations / provisions have been made with respect to the likelihood that these prints will be placed inside of a frame. Sufficient 'white space' has been incorporated into the side margins, as well as the area above the image. Furthermore, the bottom margin has been increased slightly for the line containing the print edition, artist signature & date.
• The quality of the image viewed through your computer screen or mobile device is not indicative of the print quality. Images have been purposefully reduced in size for greater web compatibility.

A Special Surprise:
• Each of the prints will be accompanied by a small information sheet that provides a bit of background relating to the sign featured.
   >>> For signs that possess direct roots in the history of American tavern life, this sheet will highlight the historical context of the sign. Key points about the sign's location, purpose, creation, symbolism, etc. will be discussed. Click here for an example.
   >>> In cases involving signs that are not historical reproductions, the information sheet will contain a short backstory relating to how or why it had been created. Many of my signs are the byproduct of 'historical fiction', a creative fusion of elements taken from an array of styles, locations and time periods. After all, weren't all historical signs the result of this in the first place? :)