Variations on an Original Signboard - General Store Sign

Here is a sign that I have made several times. We aren’t talking about a sign that was hanging during the days of ole George Washington, but probably something quite familiar in the mid-late 19th century time frame. It’s a ‘general store’ sign, meant to garner the attention of the local townspeople living near the store upon which it was proudly displayed.

No two general store signs were alike, as each proclaimed its unique array of goods that were sold in its vicinity. As such, I have taken my own liberties to customize this particular version. The source of inspiration was found in an online auction (courtesy of Garth’s Auctioneers and Appraisers). The image included here reflects the basic idea of the original sign and the subtle variations that were made in my efforts. The biggest change exists in the way of the color scheme used, but several items were omitted and / or replaced, as I wished to place my own ‘spin’ on it.


This sign is open to orders and can be found listed within my Reproduction Signs section.