March 06, 2016

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS - Angie and I have been working on a NEW WEBSITE, containing many more examples of my signboards. I have been so busy painting that I neglected showcasing my most recent work. Please feel free to jump over to the site and check things out. I think you'll appreciate the clean layout and simplicity.
In time, I will eventually transfer / assign this address to the new site, but for now - I'm simply providing the link for your convenience.Thanks for your patience during my transition - we appreciate your business :)
Andy & Angie

In 18th Century Colonial America, artesans worked endless hours in order to perfect their craft. These folk usually specialized in one or two areas in order to achieve the highest degrees of quality in their products.

Over two centuries have since passed and innovative technology has made possible the mass production of goods. However, as a result of such technology, many sacrifices are made -- two of which are "quality" and "individuality".

At Colonial American Sign Company, we feel that quality and individuality are extremely important, as we treat each and every product with special care. Each piece created in our workshop is specially hand-crafted, from beginning to end. Despite the two centuries that seperate us from Colonial America, you will still receive a piece that is made within the same spirit of our country's original craftsmen.

Each wooden sign is hand-painted and given a deeply aged finish. Signs not only communicate, but create accent and style that recall simpler days.

Whether you wish to add simplicity to a room with a primitive sign or create elegance with an antique reproduction sign, we will surely satisfy your desires.

My full-time profession is instructing students with respect to the subjects of art history and training in the visual / fine arts. In addition, I continually develop my own work as a fine artist / illustrator.

This particular field, of historical sign reproduction has been a fascination of mine and is something I have pursued (on the side) for several years now. Because it truly is something that I enjoy doing, the signboards produced are highly rendered, distinctly original, and are nothing like the products you might find on some of the other websites that feature "old, historic signs..." etc.

It has never been my interest to stamp-out high volume products in an effort to turn a large profit. It that was the case, my fear is that this would inevitably become a pursuit lacking substance -- something more akin to a "job". Therefore, if you are looking for more commercial look for your sign, I may not be your "guy". However, if a work of art is what you desire, you may just find something that strikes your fancy.

Because creating a sign from this collection demands a tremendous amount of time (and I am a "one-man show"), I thank my customers ahead-of-time for your patience. Each sign is made from scratch, with respect to the time a customer places an order. The turn-around time normally falls around 4-6 weeks (on average) for a sign and each order is normally handled in a first-come/fisrt-served basis.

During the summer months of July & August, I will be taking the time away from sign-production, in order to spend time with my family (vacations, home projects, etc.) Should you have an idea for a custom sign or desire to place an order for one of the signs listed on my webpage, feel free to contact me. As soon as the autumn months resume, the workshop light will as well. Thanks for your understanding!

My workshop does not contain a showroom, but should you wish to view our products, please contact Andy Walker:

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