What fuels me?

My provincial business is the result of my love and appreciation for art, antiques, and Americana in general. From a very young age, my family's quaint but cozy Pennsylvania home reflected my mother's warm taste of primitive Americana. As I grew, so too did my understanding of these beautiful, hand-wrought pieces that surrounded me.

I can recall the uniqueness of many of these works, as each season and subsequent year exposed me to a new wave of visual enjoyment. The colors, patinas, shapes and textures of her collections form the basis for much of my childhood memories - a rich tapestry woven in love and family tradition.

My own affinity for this genre, coupled with my fond memories have fueled my passion, well into my adulthood. I suppose that this business is, in some small way, an attempt to extend my love and experience to others. Maybe this is my own attempt to contribute a verse or two to what I consider to be one of the greatest stories ever told - our story, the story of the American people.