Learning curve, or is it a "curb"?

Well, I'm continuing to make headway on this expedition that I call a "website overhaul". Please continue to check things out, as I'm discovering that the digital fluency maintained in my twenties has been drastically undermined by the otherwise new technologies and modalities available to us. Basically, I'm saying that my old 'expertise' is, well.... just that... old. Quite irrelevant, one might say.

That said, I'm fighting the good fight - learning how the new web-based interfaces and networks behave. While my website will probably never be something 'sensational', that is not my primary goal. My goal is to create an online presence that features my work to potential customers in a clear and concise manner.

As time permits, I may attempt to integrate some in-progress pictures here and there. As a teacher of art, I understand the value that exists in the process of art-making. I have also learned that people gain a deeper appreciation for any given work of art when they are able to understand the thinking, trial-and-error, human toil and various techniques underlying its creation. Stay tuned for this.

Again - thanks for your patience, as we strive to make this site better for you.

-Andy and Angie