A busy summer ahead!

Tavern Signs are in demand!

Summer is here

Well, we are now fully immersed in the month of June, with the Independence Day close in our sights. In effort to provide a mere update, I will provide you with some pictures of my most recent signboard reproduction - this one being the faithful old lion that Arah Phelps decided would best reflect his tavern's character, many years ago.

Follow either of the following links to learn more about the history of the original sign:

tavern sign_colonial american sign company
colonial american sign company_studio_in progress

More pictures of this sign

Here are some further pictures of this sign, as one picture can hardly convey the sheer brute gravity that this embodies, when viewed in person. The molding used was custom made, of course. But, when I milled the wood for this sign, I chose to mirror the decorative profile for both the front and reverse side. Although this sign (as are most all of my orders) is a single-sided reproduction, the original signboard would have sported both of its surfaces with equal visibility. The original signboard's reverse (side 2) contains an equally mighty eagle and would have been displayed in a manner conducive to equal visibility from either side [see visuals below].

lion tavern sign_walker_a phelps inn

I am going to attempt to insert a short video (below). If all goes well, you will be able to click it and view some footage of me trying to capture more than what I feel one picture frame is capable. Nothing beats viewing any work of art in person, but maybe this will help bridge the gap in the meantime.

Here (below), you can see the reverse of this signboard. The planks have originally been connected by domino joints. Although is was not entirely necessary, the reverse perimeter has been reinforced with wooden strips. This did allow for additional surface area for attaching the perimeter molding and also provided a nice structure on which the hanging hardware could be secured.

tavern sign_stamping_walker
colonial american sign company_tavern sign_tag_logo

For those of you who may be considering a custom order, I recommend that you touch base with me asap; I am looking down the pike and can see that I will be extremely busy in the upcoming months. Feel free to browse the "available now" signs, as these are ready for immediate dispatch.