Fine art prints of my tavern signs

This summer has proven to be yet another enjoyable chapter in the novel that is my life. While I certainly found time to relish special moments with my family, the clarion call to create signs for my loyal customers was certainly strong. As I look ahead, the fall season appears to be very promising - undoubtedly full of new opportunities to work with both my loyal customer base and anyone else desiring to own one of my hand-painted signs. Establishing the acquaintance of new customers has always been a part of my business that I hold very dear to my heart. Each client becomes yet another treasured page in my story.

Well, here is something new. I have finally decided to create a slightly different aspect to my offerings. While I certainly have no intention of altering the manner in which I hand-paint each of my wooden signs, I intend to address what has been both a silent ambition maintained throughout the past decade as well as an intermittent request initiated by several customers throughout my tavern-sign-reproduction journey. Yes, I am now offering small edition fine art giclee prints of a select number of my tavern signs.

Practically speaking, some of you do not need to own a large wooden sign. Furthermore, many of us do not have the wall space required for some of my signs. In each of our houses, we know that there exists that prominent, yet modest, sliver of wall space that screams for attention; yet, nothing truly seems to fulfill its demand. The good news is that maybe - just maybe - one of my modestly-scaled prints would solve this home decor hurdle.

I have priced the prints to a very modest margin and feel that, given the upcoming holidays, my customers will find them to be desirable for family gifts. My plan is to feature a rotation of prints as time goes on. As this kicks off, I will hand select approximately 5 images for a period of time. As the season transitions, I will switch these out and replace the offerings with 5 fresh choices.

Check out the initial print collection here and feel free to comment or email me with any questions. I would love to hear from you as well, in terms of your thoughts on my decision to offer my work in the way of fine art prints. Just to reiterate, in no way do I intend on replacing or undermining the true nature of my business with these prints... Nothing comes close to rivaling the unique qualities offered by the 'real deal' - a physical hand-painted wooden sign, full of character, patina and texture. However, I do hope that my prints will satisfy a worthy niche that certainly exists in the world of those great people who possess a passion for historic tavern signage.