Videos of my signs - progress, complete & some areas in between

Two posts in one week?! Well, when the iron's hot (something like like, right?)...

Anyway, I thought that I would officially provide a link to my YouTube playlist that contains a meager but developing collection of videos that feature some of my work. In no way am I striving to demonstrate proficiency in the skill sets of photography or videography. The goal her is aimed at providing my friends and customers with yet another facet of what I do; hopefully, a means for better understanding the quality of my work.

While I am rather judicious with respect to the amount of in-progress information I ever want to 'divulge', I plan to reveal some elements through upcoming videos. There are special means, methods that I have learned along the way - processes discovered as a result of nothing short of copious hours, risk-taking, blood, sweat and tears (okay, I never really cried... but bleeding was certainly involved here and there). These tricks-of-the-trade are not necessarily pearls of wisdom that I feel everyone needs to know; I hold them dear to me and do not plan on advertising them to the whole world. Despite such secrecy, I have been known to discuss and explain some of these 'secrets' with my customers, from time to time. :) Such is the nature of business, I suppose.

Anyway, please check out the videos presently found in the playlist and stay posted for the future additions. You can even subscribe to it.